Hi everyone, since I am part of the campaign against extremism on our school, I posted a picture with “x” sign that symbolizes extremism. Because we believe that Muslims are not bad. And true Muslims will not do such bad deeds. 

As you can see in the news, Mindanao is under Martial Law because of the attacks of the terrorists, and extremism is happening now. We all know that it started long time ago but extremists now are so different. We are campaigning this to give knowledge about extremism, We are also part of the international competition of facebook which is the Facebook Digital Challenge. I am just an 18 year old Mindanaoan who wants to achieve peace in our island through this campaign. Can I have a favor with you guys to post a picture on facebook with “x” sign and use our official hashtags #P2PChallenge #BreakTheExtreme #TheDamersVoice #LetsCAMP #NotreDameUniversity


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