As the war in Marawi City continues and many of the Philippine soliders sacrificed their own lives to protect the said city, many people would still disagree to Martial Law imposed by our beloved president. The people who disagreed were not from Mindanao but they came from Luzon or Visayas. Ironic isn’t it? They said Martial Law would cause harm to us Mindanaoans, but are they the ones experiencing these terror attacks? Are they the ones who are sacrificing lives for us to be safe? Like, how would they know if that decision is not good if they weren’t experiencing such? Maybe what they thought about Martial Law is the same as before (during Marcos’ reign). But there is revised constituion for Martial Law. Martial Law before was against the communism while Martial Law now is against terrorism. I don’t understand why one senator said that “you can’t just declare martial law because of a threat” hello? Ms. Senator IT.IS.DECLARED.FOR.OUR.SAFETY. After what that senator said, I have read an article from a commissioner saying “kawawa naman yung mga *insert name of terrorists here* ginagamitan ng airplanes wala silang kalaban laban dapat they should be treated with care and dignity” like WTF? They do have 50 caliber machine guns and good snipers that were scattered everywhere and yet it is their definition of kawawa? I really don’t know what got into their minds to say such. They may say anything about Martial Law here in Mindanao, but one thing is for sure. The president wants us to be safe by declaring it.


11 thoughts on “CLOSE-MINDED PEOPLE

  1. Hi Mo Doyle here,
    Just read your blog on martial law and it was very interesting.
    I don’t know much about the Philippines, Ireland is a fairly neutral country, except for the troubles in Northern Ireland but the peace process is working.

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    1. Philippines is divided into three group of islands namely LUZON, VISAYAS, AND MINDANAO. Since Mindanao is far from Luzon and Visayas, many people are scared to go there because they said it is dangerous because Mindanao has a high population of Muslims. They are generalizing that all Muslims are bad which is not correct 😦

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      1. So true. I had a disagreement today with the blog “Diary of a Muslim girl”. I feel she is very insecure about been Muslim. She tries to blog all the time about the bad reputation that Muslims receive. I have to disagree, I personally don’t think all Muslim people are terrorists and she seems to be blogging all the time about terrorism. Every religion has terrorists and she is ramming her Muslim religion down everyone’s trout. I don’t talk politics or religion. It’s people’s personal choice what religion they are and there are terrorists in every religion. Sick, cruel people, what has religion to do with any of that?
        Enjoyed reading your blog and thanks for explaining about the different regions of your country.
        It’s educational 😊👍


      2. I am just expressing my thoughts through here because I want to hear your suggestions and comments. Thankyou for appreciating my blogs. My pleasure. You know what? Philippines has 7,000+ islands and if you are planning to visit here, you’ll love it here promise. Hehe 😊😊

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  2. Bless you and I have all the people of your beautiful country in my prayers. Yes, I, too, believe that in this case Martial Law is absolutely a necessity. I’m so heartbroken that in these so-called “modern” times such barbarians still exist. I will continue to pray and I sincerely hope that you and your loved ones are safe.

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    1. Thankyou Dann Verner, yes we are safe for now but I don’t know until when beacause terrorists named specific areas where will they go next. Psh its so hard for us but we need to be stronger. Thankyou once again God Bless You ☺

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  3. Your remarks about the attitude of the people in Luzon or Visayas is an inversion of what we (Americans) call the ‘Not in My Backyard’ syndrome, in which people speak approvingly of some kind of public project (like a power plant or a prison) but don’t want it close to their homes. In your version, people are speaking disapprovingly of something that doesn’t concern them, in order to deprive others of the benefit. Your post was educational.

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    1. Thankyou Harry, yes you are correct. Because they are disagree but in the first place, they are safe. Sad reality that they critic the president but they don’t know how it feels to live in Mindanao

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