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Hello Everyone, I know its been months since I last wrote something here. But this time, I need your help because we are currently joining a new international competition and our team really want to represent our country, the Philippines in the said competition. We need to gain more likes on our campaign which is posted in AMERICAN CORNER- COTABATO entitled “ORAS” or time. The message of our story is very inspiring since it talks about family. As you all notice, Filipinos are very family-oriented people. So we came up with that kind of campaign which says “BUILD friends, CHERISH FAMILY” I hope you guys will help us to achieve our goals. Please Like our video 🙂


12th Day of June

If USA celebrates Fourth of July, we Filipinos also celebrate 12th of June often called as our Independence Day. It is the day when former President Emilio Aguinaldo raised the flag in Kawit, Cavite stating that Philippines is freed from slavery and conquerors. Even though Marawi City is still not safe, their Mayor, employees of the cityhall and barangays, and solidiers celebrated it by raising the Philippine Flag. Some of the employees cried while singing the National Anthem, soldiers remembered their companion who sacrificed their lives to save the city. They believed that they will win this war against the terrorists, sometimes they think that their’s no hope but the Mayor said “magtira kayo ng konteng pag-asa sa puso niyo” because he knows that this will end soon. Before this day happened, the soldiers already put and  wavin the flag saying “Malapit Na Maging Malaya Ang Marawi”. 

Not a Muslim Nor a Human

Hi! You might wonder why I didn’t write anything this past few days. Its just that we started our classes already and I don’t have much time to update but, I’m writing again my point of view about the video that I’ve watched. Anyway, let’s begin. Everyday, terrorists’ population here in Mindanao is getting bigger and bigger, they recruit men or women to join them. Recently, they posted a video of them destroying the statues in one church, they also ripped the pictures of Pope Francis, and burn the whole church. I really don’t know why they are doing it. Since I watched their video, I wonder what kind of thinking the have to do such activities. Did destroying the statues and burning the church will make them happy? My Muslim classmates already watched the video and they said “di yan sila Muslim, kasi di ganyan ang Muslim”. I do agree with them because as far as I know, True Muslims have respect to other religions. For now, all we can do is pray. I believe that prayer is the answer for every hardships and trial. I hope that you’ll continue to include us in your prayers. God Bless you always ☺


As the war in Marawi City continues and many of the Philippine soliders sacrificed their own lives to protect the said city, many people would still disagree to Martial Law imposed by our beloved president. The people who disagreed were not from Mindanao but they came from Luzon or Visayas. Ironic isn’t it? They said Martial Law would cause harm to us Mindanaoans, but are they the ones experiencing these terror attacks? Are they the ones who are sacrificing lives for us to be safe? Like, how would they know if that decision is not good if they weren’t experiencing such? Maybe what they thought about Martial Law is the same as before (during Marcos’ reign). But there is revised constituion for Martial Law. Martial Law before was against the communism while Martial Law now is against terrorism. I don’t understand why one senator said that “you can’t just declare martial law because of a threat” hello? Ms. Senator IT.IS.DECLARED.FOR.OUR.SAFETY. After what that senator said, I have read an article from a commissioner saying “kawawa naman yung mga *insert name of terrorists here* ginagamitan ng airplanes wala silang kalaban laban dapat they should be treated with care and dignity” like WTF? They do have 50 caliber machine guns and good snipers that were scattered everywhere and yet it is their definition of kawawa? I really don’t know what got into their minds to say such. They may say anything about Martial Law here in Mindanao, but one thing is for sure. The president wants us to be safe by declaring it.


Hi everyone, since I am part of the campaign against extremism on our school, I posted a picture with “x” sign that symbolizes extremism. Because we believe that Muslims are not bad. And true Muslims will not do such bad deeds. 

As you can see in the news, Mindanao is under Martial Law because of the attacks of the terrorists, and extremism is happening now. We all know that it started long time ago but extremists now are so different. We are campaigning this to give knowledge about extremism, We are also part of the international competition of facebook which is the Facebook Digital Challenge. I am just an 18 year old Mindanaoan who wants to achieve peace in our island through this campaign. Can I have a favor with you guys to post a picture on facebook with “x” sign and use our official hashtags #P2PChallenge #BreakTheExtreme #TheDamersVoice #LetsCAMP #NotreDameUniversity


(Phtot credit to the owner). When I was younger, I had a dream about terrorists who were invading the world and kills roman catholic believers. At this time, it is really happening. The picture above shows how the terrorists burned the school in Marawi City. For us Mindanaoans, it is unfair because when it comes to situations like this, media men are so silent, while in Luzon & Visayas, even the small fire in a city will be broadcasted all over the country. Some people might say “okay lang yan, sanay naman sila sa ganyan”. We are scared too, knowing that some terrorists are in Mindanao. It will never be okay with us to live with fear and growing up in a war place. I believe that a true Muslim will never do such bad deeds. Let us just pray for everyone’s safety and let this nightmare stop already. #PrayforMarawi #PrayforPhilippines

A day to remember

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